creations of the mind triggered by a thought
picturing in your mind that yu are flying
to imagine something in your own mind
when a great big cosmic m-ffin comes down to earth and smites you
1. having the creative spirit and freedom of the mind and body to accomplish one’s desires.

2. seeing the world through many perspectives and points of view in hopes of creating a better tomorrow
spongebob: with imagination, anything’s possible :d
a virtual sp-ce of creativity inside your brain.
nicole: man, did you cheat on that art test we had to do last week?
mark: of course not. i just painted pictures with my own imagination.
that magical point in your life when you think your crush likes you back
dude, i think she likes me!
naw bro. that’s your imagination.
with a bit of imagination you can picture your messenger friends by using im agination.
no, my online, buddy, i’m not just a figment of your im agination.

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