what should be said when your hoe is misbehavin’
>what did you just say to me b-tch?


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  • imadvanced

    the best software company for automated web applications. josh – “hey i just got green eggs and spam” tim – “hah you should have bought software from imadvanced instead” josh – “ah dang, i wish i would have known, they have the fastest automation software around from what i’ve seen” tim – “you shouldn’t have […]

  • 5-egg omelette

    a person who is obviously r-t-rded and acts like a spoiled child. can be abbreviated as 5eo. that jake is a total 5-egg omelette.

  • 5 dreams deep

    comes from the movie “inception” “5 dreams deep” is a state of being (verb) to be “5 dreams deep” means to be foolish or idiotic. you would usually call someone “5 dreams deep” when they are about to do/are in the process of doing/have done something so foolish or idiotic for the sake of comedy. […]

  • iicyigtfy

    acronym for “if i catch you i’m going to f-ck you”. generally an online phrase used when responding to irritating or stupid people. idiot: “i pwnz0rz j00!!1!!!1!1” jack: “iicyigtfy.”

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    a phrase that is used mainly in the great brook valley section of worcester m-ssachusetts which means drug bust or worcester pd. it is usually only used in great brook valley for the mob outlaw gang who traffics many drugs through the city. when yelled a gang war is usually the result. if an outsider […]

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