in my book. similair to imo and imho.
startled and surprised are two different feelings imb.
in my bed
i want adam imb <3 "i'm back", normally used after brb ack: brb dudley: k, l8r ack: imb "indian mound boys" the boys that live in the indian mound neighborhood in islamorada. they party all the time, play sports, are best friends, and claim to be bad-ss. pl, patrick naughton, the angel boys, william b-ssett, tj sabalka, travis sebastian, eckbloms, tyler g, mikey hampson, there are more.. "hey sh-lly what'd you do friday night?" "i partied with the imb!" it's my birthday. imb every year on 2nd september when imb, if there is a party people sing happy birthday to you to me.

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