a word that is a synonym to the phrase in buisness. use as slang
aye pimp we be imbiznat

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  • IMisunderstanding

    when a communication breach occurs during an im (instant messaging) conversation, resulting either in silence, or a string of misdirected and often p-ssive aggressive replies. joe235: i really like d-ck jane52: that came out of nowhere joe235: what do you mean? i decided the other night jane52: to each his own joe235: wait…what? you don’t […]

  • immac

    a slang term used to address the catholic girl’s high school “immaculate heart” are you going to prom? yeah, with an immac girl. they’re all pretty hot.

  • immaculate couchception

    n. when you are pretty sure that the ratty, smelly, stain-covered couch that you got from a yard sale or found left out on the curb was the true culprit in getting some random girl pregnant, instead of your own fertile loins. i don’t know what crystal is talking about! i never laid a hand […]

  • immi van

    small 12-p-ssenger vans that roll around neighborhoods with large immigrant populations, functioning as an unincorporated, unregistered, and uninsured transit service. they cost less than city buses, but the drivers don’t speak english or stop for red lights, there may be live chickens on board, and there’s a one-in-five chance the van may catch fire. kyle: […]

  • Implivite

    an implied invitation implied + invitation for those times when someone tells you about an event (including the time and place) with the intention of you attending, but doesn’t explicitly invite you. for example: a: “a bunch of us are going out to pizza house for drinks/food after our outdoor game tonight. jacki and brandon […]

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