the amazingness of amazing
wow, that shirt is imbodeness

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    welcome to the beautiful small town of darrington, which is located in the middle of f-cking no where. get ready for f-ck tons of excitement cause this sh-te of a town is full of rednecks, hillbillies, stones, and the occasional methhead, oh yea we can’t forget about the thieves. if ur fats need food stop […]

  • tip tuck

    when a male tucks his p-n-s in between their legs and plays, “just the tip” with their own b-tthole. terrence was so lonely he decides to play tip tuck on a sat-rday night.

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    basically a bunch of s-xy c-nts that like to play video game and watch p-rn. were all a bunch of snally wags that spin in circles, and hardscope for feeds. that xzify player has a nice b-m.

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    being very polite when asking for a favor from a canadian. tom: i couldn’t refuse, he said please and thank you. harry: wow that’s some serious canadian blackmail.

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    the cutest, sweetest girl you know who has a sneaky side to her. not very romantic but her hair smells great. that girl is an elizabeth kelly, looks sweet and all but actually sells weed.

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