when idiots try to spell “infamous” but get it wrong
this dumb b–tch on facebook was like “im imfamous”. little did she know the word was actually infamous
the pinnacle of what a man can and/or should be. a perfect example of this is a man having the name of mike smith and being completely abnormal. see also: hooligan, hooliganism
“the chick i met in the bar last night looked kind of plain but, she was imfamous for her band.”
alternative to reckless; claiming to be great, or to have partaken in an important moment.

an exciting event. an event which others will talk about for many years.
that girl at the party last night climbed on the roof and shot nerf arrows at the neighbor’s dog. it was imfamous.
has a bad reputation;deserving of or causing an evil reputation
“iim th3 m0st iimfamous kiid iin th3 roc”

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