a poor excuse for an establishment of education located in the scenic bradenton florida, img-pendleton is one of the only schools were students are handed a diploma despite repeatedly failing to p-ss pre-algebra. the appearance of this non-school is reminiscent of a fortified wwii-style n-z- war bunker. the windows seem to be bullet proof and cannot open under any circ-mstances. the hallways radiate a unique odor that can be best described as a blend of primal barbarian stink and windex. of the collection of degenerates that for our purposes we will call the “student body”, males outnumber females like 9-1. these conditions rightfully cl-ssify img-pendleton as an intolerably m-ssive sausage fest. in addition, certain men of “authority” (i use the term loosely) can be seen stalking in the halls, ambushing kids who are foolish enough to forget to tuck their img-pendleton shirts into their gucci belts. the parking lot for the school is unbearably small, forcing some of the more bold students to park in the handicapped sp-ces, which are reserved for essentially n-body, as img-pendeton has no handicapped students.
pablo: “ey hombre you have no idea how much homework i have tonight.”
jose: “no essay i have to do 12 math problems in my multiplication cl-ss! that sh-t is long holmes!”
pablo: “hombre f-ck wasting 15 minutes of your life, img-pendleton will give you a diploma anyway. come play me in fifa amigo.”

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