see marriage.
marriage is impractical.

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    inadvisable, a bad idea. “dude, i’mma go key jimmy’s car” “mmmm… probs inadviso. i heard he carries a gun in the glove compartment”

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    when “bros” go investigating. stemming from “ghost hunters” on the travel channel, during which the hunters say “bro” about 20 times per episode. a combination of “bro” and “investigate.” “bro, bro, i think i just saw something over there, bro. i’m going to inbrostigate the situation.” i am an inbrostigator. if there’s a ghost, i’m […]

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    a hearty agreeing word, “you want to go see the new lord of the rings movie?” said james. “indeedily!” raptured ed.

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    the now debunked theory that if you give an infinite number of monkeies an infinite number of typewriters, they will reproduce the works of shakespeare, possibly steinbeck, tom clancy, and the source code to windows. “it has been theorized that an infinite number of monkeys banging on an infinite number of typewriters would eventually reproduce […]

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    originally designed to discuss how it is used to manage a business, info sys is by far the most p-ss-weak excuse for a subject! it struggles to express any logical information whatsoever; instead filling our minds with endless cr-p that is of no relevance to anyone! you become dumber for even studying it. “dude, i […]

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