extremely aesthetically pleasing.
dude, charles is so imprefvicticious!!

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  • mrs u picku materinu

    is a (serbian,croatian,bostinan)swear word that litearlay means go back inside your mother’s pus*y! alo cigane mrs u picku materinu sa tim gvozdjem. yo,cigane go back inside your mother’s p-ssy with that iron.

  • tuffet majora

    the larger of the two tufts or tuffets of hair on either b-tt cheek that you missed while shaving. summer’s tuffet majora was more noticeable in the bright sun than it was indoors.

  • fas*x

    when too fat f-gs have s-x bro, did you hear about those guys that had fas-x?? that’s crunk

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    the crime of obstructing prosecutors and/or government officials during an investigation because they’re just a bunch of covfefe’s who won’t let him play with putin. bunch of bigly meanies won’t let him tweet either. in a rare case of events, the orange czar kept trumpstructing the investigation by telling everyone they were fired and pointing […]

  • red heart emoji

    either you’re in a relationship with this person or you both have made it clear that you like each other, otherwise she/he wouldn’t send you that. boy 1-dude she sent me a red heart boy 2-bro you’re dating that’s why she sent you a red heart emoji

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