keep your eyes on the prize; move forward with grace.

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  • icarus d*ck

    someone who is too proud, relating to the mythological icarus who flew too close to the sun that boy in the mowhawk came onto me and seven other girls at the bar last night, icarus d-ck.

  • iceland snow

    cocaine in iceland. “bjork predicts a 30% chance of iceland snow in her forecast.”

  • cherry-choco popsicle

    the male has -n-l s-x with a woman on her period until she defecates on his p-n-s and then he start having s-x with her v-g-n-lly so the p-n-s becomes also covered in blood. the male then forces his p-n-s into the woman’s mouth. cherry-choco popsicle

  • crotter

    the intense desire for anything similar, related to or inspired by the harry potter franchise. i’m crottering h-lla bad. i need to watch the goblet of fire.

  • fartventriliquist

    when one talks out of ones’ -rs- you should get a job as a fartventriliquist because you spend so much time talking poo!

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