in my worthless opinion.
imwo i have very low self-esteem

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  • j*zzhen

    a hen who enjoys being covered with j-zz, and who also likes to eat it. you dirty f-ck-ng j-zzhen. i let my soul flow from my afro d-ck, now lick it off j-zzhen.

  • j*zz carpet

    multiple exposure to j-zz stains results in a hardened carpet that can crack a gl-ss bottle; a result of cms. (bottle shatters)… woah!!….wtf are you doing? just going for the ice tea, didn’t mean to crack the gl-ss on your j-zz carpet thats the only way a gl-ss could break on a carpet!

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    a guy who thinks he’s got mad b-tch-s that he f-cks all the time, but he doesn’t. a word/term invented by lil klept (c) 2003. “you think you’re the sh-t, but you’re just a f-ck-ng j-zzhead.” a boy or girl with bright/bleach blonde hair. that paris hilton is a j-zz head a guy or girl […]

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    a common slang word used to abbreviate or shorten the word j-pan did you see that new anime from jay-pay it was awesome!!!

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    someone who is soo funny to go out and get drunk with, and who does really stupid sh-t that is so eventful and funny. all this coupled with a great sense of how to get kicked out of night-clubs and sleep in hedges…and still maintains their grasp of the night’s hilarity.. this is a true […]

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