In a beef lizard

in short, translated means: “in a little while”

“in a” – your bog standard meaning of in a. it could mean in a box but not in this case… it means “in a (insert time phrase here)”

“beef” – beef meaning roast, raost rhyming with toast, toast you have with jam, jam is made from strawberries and they contain straws. straws are a tube, tubes are like london. london is the capital. capital is money. i have £4. this is little.

“lizard.” – in greek sauros. similar to sauron from lord of the rings. there is a race called orcs. orcs contains almost all the letters in the name oscar. oscar wilde. wilde sound like while – d.
tom: when you out g?

jd:in a beef lizard! chill out man, i can’t be doing 200 things at once if you know what i’m saying!

tom: aight man cool!

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