In kid


in kid

in has two meanings:

in = inventive

in = individual

and “kid” is just a added flair to the whole in scene.

also if someone asks you if your a in kid, you can admit it…un-like emo scene you can’t..idk why but hay “that’s their rules…but we have ours”.
also a in kid is not the same as a indie kid or scene kid…we are just a lot more uniqe and free, that’s all :d


the in scene is not like emo scene; un-like emo scene we are individuals, and unique in our own ways, we don’t go with the flow of the crowd…we stop the flow if anything.
to be a in kid you have to be confident, smart, and your-self! it’s nothing certain to how your personality is suppose to be like if you wanna be a in kid.

a in kid is very expressive, and not the other way around: un-like emo and punk scenes; “me as a in kid i am very expressive and don’t try to be what others want me to be or try to be someone else”.


a in kid has to be sure of him/her self, you could be a girl or a boy it doesn’t matter if you wanna be a in kid, but you are considered a poser if you are gay, bi, or anything else that has to do with that because, a in kid also complies with the things in the scripture (bible) see below.

you could be a christian or not but ether way you have to have some knowledge of g-d, jesus and the holy spirit. it’s all ways your choice on what you follow but a in kid is very close to faith and his/hers relationship with g-d and open for changes in his/her(s) life.


there are different types of in kid personality such as sporty, cl-ssy, preppy ect ect or unique which is what mostly what the in scene is all about. unique is basically someone that is (in)ventive, and someone thats a (in)dividual individual = not following but leading. you have to be naturally funny. and no; knock knock jokes don’t count. when being a natural born comedian you have to know your limitations, you know your a natural born comedian when anything you say gets people cracking up. also be inventive; or else you’ll be a poser to be called a in kid when you your not inventive -at all-.


first of all style is the key element to being a in kid! first lets start with the general:

neon colors are awsome…(for boys & girls)

jeans jeans & more jeans skinny jeans, dark jeans, flair jeans…(for boys & girls)

bows are gr8…(girls)

black & white or gray with neon colors are awsomely gr8…(for boys & girls)

gloves like finger-less and long ones or short ones also add a finishing touch…(for boys & girls)

leg warmers keep your legs warm but a unique feel to your out-fit…(girls)

leggings with any type of design’s are awshom!…(girls)

lot’s of bracelets different colors, with sayings or bands are really cool…(for boys & girls)

any kinda shoes go…(including vans, converse, sneakers, flats, wedges, boots, ect)

bags that no one has are a eye popper…(man bags & girl bags)

no piercings, or anything that has to do with marking the body with holes or images…

jewelry of any kind would go!

gl-sses that have designs on the sides with really bright color(s) are kewl! with stars or what ever! or just have some black ones that go with anything for on the go. (for boys & girls)

narrow it down

a in kid wears vintage, & more vintage shirts!! you have to have at least 10 vintage shirt.

even tee’s that have doodles on them made like that or with sayings or with funny things on them like “speak to the hand” or anyother things.

belts are great to put with an outfit but don’t add a belt if you already have most of the listed touch up’s.

girls: h-llo kitty, gloomy bear, mr. men & lil miss, bobby jack, happy bunny are all characters that you should have as bags, shirts, jewelry, ect; should have but not just because you wanna look in but because you actually like 1 or all of them.

boys: rockets, ufo’s, aliens, gloomy bear (also for boys), dinos, astronauts, sp-ce ships, skate bordes, bicks, are all figures that you should have as tee’s, back packs, caps, ect; you should not just have them and put them on because you wanna be in but because, you actually like’em.

hearts, peace signs, stars, strips and lightning are all a-part of the shapes a in kid likes and a boy can like these too!

go all out and make your own accessorize or your version of’em.

you can find a lot of these kind of cloths at a thrift store they have lot’s of brands, or mabye on clearence! but you cant just get them by going to the mall!

“stupid factory”

&& anything else that fit’s the list would work!


no screamo, hard core, or insan head spinnin out of control music!! anything you like as in: linkin park, flyleaf, super chick, coldplay, all american rejects, blue october, the creed, the fray, ect!

you should have an ipod with all your favorite music and you should be hearing music about once or twice a day…but if you like music more then that go 4 it!.
but i know some people don’t have those cd’s of flyleaf or the fray…it’s okay!! if you don’t have it in your ipod then in your labtop get a account and you can listen to music all day!!

music = <3music = my bfmusic = life-mysp-ce & pictures-you should be using your camera everyday and should be changing or charging the batteries of it every two days. my sp-ce has everyone going cucu but ever stop to wounder when how and why should you put pics of you in my sp-ce? well heres your answer: don't put every single pic of yourself in my sp-ce or my sp-ce just makes you look like someone from a emo-scene; your in the in scene, not emo.every time you go out make it a habit to take your camera;; it's necessary.and be very artistic...take pictures of random things! and name every photo you take and name the alb-m too.-talking, walking, web sites-walking well we all know how to do that...but talking while walking is the tuff part! now when on the net we have to represent our-selves as inventive individuals...not the other way around. enter a chat room (urban dictionary chat) and type everything like this in a way:"&& ii know u aint talkin to meh like dat!""wat du u mean>?”

this “>?” when you show this you are showing you want an

“shes wit meh!”


sometimes everyone asks us the same exact stupid question: asl?

well tell them off if your fed up! like this:

none of ya’buzz!..

talk like this in rl real life too!

it’s best that you don’t join, or anything like that website because, there are alot of posers in there and you don’t wanna be put in that kinda sitch. situation
if your a christian join my sp-ce alterative or who doesn’t have one. .lol.

there are words we can say in a convo with another person (off the net) like this:

it’s none of’ya buzz what i don’t like

ily you soo much! (i) (l)ove (y)ou = ily

thats kewl..

pr-nounce kewl the way you see it

thats rad, awshom same as awsome, idk, ect.


we all like messing with our hair, if it’s a guy or a girl we like it a certain way, or wanna mess it up many ways. if your a girl: you should have one or two bows of your hair..on the side, on the left, on the right…it don’t matter! your hair can be up down to the sides turn it around upside down but what ever you do dont color it with crazy colors like pink, green, blue ect; or you’ll look like a poser or worse…scene…hehe.

you could do any kinda style depending on your hair type and color, you could poof it up on the top (like scene ‘it’s okay to copy’) or keep it nice and straight, eather way you should to do it and go 4 it! make sure it looks good on you though…


if you wanna be a true in kid…doodle!, draw with jelly pens on black paper! doodle doodle doodle ! anything hearts, stars, clouds, falling stars, rain…anything goes when doodling! even draw stick people!! in kids love that! stick ppl’s rocks me sox’s even get some wall stickers and stick’em on your wall! write poetry! lyrics! anything! even write stories and make your own quotes! and allways change you mood/status on mysp-ce with poems of how your feeling or quotes.


so now you know what a in kid is like and how you can be one! remember anyone can be a in kid…you just have to be a few of these thiings you read! he he .
so go on being you, not a poser, not a clique, not a crowd; just being you.

heres the golden rule(s):

dont put on things you know scene or punks put on just to copy them! you could put on fingure-less gloves; but dont put them on because you see others put them on! put them on because you like’em!

don’t pretend to be something your not!

don’t be a poser, be you.
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