a contraction of the words inadvertent and confession. a statement presented as factual that reveals a characteristic of the speaker, since the -ssertion can only be based on personal experience. an example of inadfessions is evident in the following exchange. male a: men m-st-rb-t- all the time. there is no way women could possibly m-st-rb-t- more than men. female b: women m-st-rb-t- at least as much as men. male a: men m-st-rb-t- four times a day. female a: women do it 10 times a day and can do it at their work cubicle without anyone noticing. in the preceding example male a concedes in effect that he m-st-rb-t-s four times a day. female a states in effect that she m-st-rb-t-s 10 times a day and from time-to-time does so at the work place.
louisa made quite the inadfession when she -sserted that “women” like their partners to gently caress their cl-t-r-s with the thumb while aggressively banging them with their index and middle fingers.

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