i’m not afraid to die
inatd:i’m not afraid to die.

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  • infinity

    the point at which three women talking run out of things to say daddy, what’s infinity? son, its the point when mummy, aunty angela and aunty mary run out of things to talk about. little john: “slow nod” i understand now…………. 10

  • inner nerd rage

    when you get internal angry a bout a nerdy thing. all geeks and nerd get this really bad. you- i got inner nerd rage at the star wars trailer

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    that sound someone with long fingernails makes when they scratch themselves, often with extremely unpleasant results. what’s that itchy sound?

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    the result when a black person and a italian have a baby jakobs dad f-ck-d his mom 10

  • jclopezmelgar

    russian word for ‘c-ck’. “pashol ti!! blyat’ yebanaya -n-snaya shluha!! suka najclopezmelgar!”

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