1. (internet) the email folder where incoming mail arrives.

2. (at the table) the mouth.

3. (in bed) the v-g-n-.
check your inbox. you have mail.
inbox can be used as a verb, mostly on facebook. to inbox someone is to send them a message to their message inbox – simple as it sounds.
on facebook wall posts

person 1 “why is my life so awful?!”
person 2 “what’s the matter hun?”
person 1 “i can’t say on here, i’ll inbox you”
transitioning from the popular s-xual terminology coined by the construction industry (ie. nailed, screwed, hammered, banged etc), hi-tech nerds have one of their own:

a reference to a woman’s v-g-n-
doomf8one: “did you p-ss doom level 41 last night?”
h-llaucla: “i didn’t play- i was at my girlfriend’s place last night and her mac sucks!”
doomf8one: “rofl! that’s lame”
h-llaucla: “it was cool- i was in her inbox all night instead!”

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