(adj) only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
his suggestions were vague and inchoate. they weren’t taken into consideration

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  • bearnado

    a tornado full of angry bears that hit the ground running searching for humans to mangle. typically found in northern canada “dude a bearly survived that bearnado in bc earlier today.”

  • micro squirrel

    a very small, happy, resourceful, productive, and energetic person. she bustled around the event and in short order all talks were done and loose ends tied up; if not for our micro-squirrel the wedding would have been a disaster.

  • whacking the tuna

    masturbation i am in bed “whacking the tuna”

  • kedwee

    a boy named dani whose name was originally going to be kedwee because his mother hates him, but she gave him a girl’s name instead. “man, i hate my name” “yeah, but would you rather be named kedwee?” “no, it’s a good thing my mom likes me”

  • face tainting

    similar to tea bagging but with the patch of skin between the ball sack and the -n-s. one repeatedly dips it into another’s face for oral stimulation. my boyfriend licked my taint last night while i bounced on his face. i totally love face tainting

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