the inability to drop a deuce
elder abuse often involves undue influence and incr-pacity

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  • twiget

    a midget with tourettes syndrome why is that f-cking oompa loompa moving around so much he’s a f-cking twiget

  • neat squeeze

    when, after having a bowel movement, one wipes and finds no fecal matter on the toilet paper. man today is shaping up to be a great day! i woke up and got a bj. then i had my coffee followed by a neat squeeze!

  • pickseed

    a person who can not stop picking at things. like a scab. cindy was such a pickseed that no scab was left unturned.

  • otegeta

    a p-n-s ring that goes through the t-st-cl- region. michel: dude! check out my otegeta! kim: stick that otegeta up my -ss!

  • bamwagoner

    a person who only roots for alabama when they win did you watch the championship game? no bruh, i ain’t a bamwagoner.

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