when you’re loyal as f-ck to your girl/guy.
mark was incredaf-ckaloyal to ben.

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  • modest orgy

    a polite orgy with posh people extra points for bringing champagne “i heard that lady claire had a modest orgy at buckingham palace with the queen”

  • %e2%96%88%e2%96%80%e2%96%88 %e2%96%88%e2%96%84%e2%96%88 %e2%96%80%e2%96%88%e2%96%80

    when you c-m hard. im going to █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ so hard!

  • side dips

    side piece or side hoe. i have 1 girls friend, and the other girls are my side dips

  • boopey

    a very cute puppet who will always love you that dog is such a boopey i whish he could be ares

  • chimbey

    british slang term for p-n-s. emily comes over my flat all the time just to suck my chimbey

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