a common misspelling of ‘encyclopedia’
“p-ss me the d-mn incyclopedia!” the dumb blonde wrote in a note to her cl-ssmate.

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  • indiana tsunami

    a crazy old lady who splashes water in your face who shouts “get off my lawn!!” and then drives you to church. d-mn that indiana tsunami….old lady jenkins just gave me an indiana tsunami.

  • indian charly

    code name for bithc -ss senior at ghs. he also like acid and is going no where in life wow man dann thomas just kicked the sh-t out indian charly, that kid must like the mcnasty.

  • indian p*ssy

    some of the best p-ssy on earth. very underrated and not well-known but indian p-ssy still has that asian tightness but is a little darker and extremely juicy. alex: did you f-ck that indian girl from last night? vincent: h-ll yeah. that p-ssy was so tight i wanted to c-m as soon as i put […]

  • indian wrestling

    two people lie on their back head to toe, with their hips touching. on the agreed signal they raise the leg nearest each other and try to pull their opponents leg over to touch the floor, as in arm wrestling. dude, indian wrestling has given a whole new meaning to getting your leg over.

  • indie mafia

    a group of hipsters/ indie kids who mock others for a percieved lack of musical taste, they do this to display how much more indie than everyone else they are bystander 1: those indie mafia guys just made jenny cry! bystander 2: why? bystander 1:becuase she likes green day

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