when saying yes just doesnt cover it

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  • b*mbacrump

    adjective for a small creature found in a human dwelling. ‘theres a b-mbacrump in the tent’.

  • b*mbafluff

    i forshizald shiznet that has shiznaty wiznad and rasta fluffs all his ice but he aint a dentist

  • fat baldy

    one that has had and still has a lifelong career planned out for him in the microbyte. he has a liking for birds as well as spending his evenings playing with pam and her five sisters while drinking numerous bottles of buckie and messing with narcotics. also has an obsession with claire! location:microbyte (claire is […]

  • b*mbai you learn

    to learn later on eh brah, b-mbai you learn

  • 1337 pwn

    one says this when someone’s lame attempts to be funny have been shot down. newbie : “omfg hai1!1!1!!!! ^________^$%^£%^£^%!”!”1213213!” established member 1 : “blow me.” established member 2 :”hoh hoh hoh! 1337 pwn!”

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