a female who doesnt need a d-ck to keep her happy
shes so ind-ckpendant i wish i could be like her

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  • julio remero shakone

    n-z- c-nt that gets -n-l from a goose called jeffrey while using shoe polish as lube. “julio remero shakone b-ms geese”

  • blowing up the balloon

    when someone buzzes on a br-ss mouthpiece in someone’s -sshole. dude! some of those br-ss players are into some weird stuff, sometimes they’ll even enjoy blowing up the balloon!

  • lawbstah

    how people with boston, new york and new jersey accents pr-nounce the word “lobster.” shut up and eat ya lawbstah mac and cheese.

  • step dike

    a lesbian female that resembles a male, who dates a single mother and loves the child as if it were their own….they create a family. daniel left tisha and her 3 kids, but ebony proposed to tisha and now ebony is officially a step dike.

  • e m p t i c o y f d

    eat my p-ssy till i c-m on your face daddy on god e.m.p.t.i.c.o.y.f.d

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