indigoth was originally a portmanteau of ‘indigo child’ and ‘goth’. this implies that the one being named or labeled is academically, mentally or spiritually gifted- as well as new to the goth scene. they often dress more conservatively than other goths, meaning no or rare corsets, heels or fetish gear other than trousers, but hold all the internal trappings of many varieties of true goth. usually they were wierd and somewhat lonely children with eccentric interests… now they’re grown up, still lonely and still as wierd as f-ck. it’s possible to tell, at a young age, an indigoth from ordinary children by dropping a collected, leatherbound volume of the works of edward gorey in front of them. the indi will pick it up and run off, or at least flip through it, but the ordinary child will squeal and look around to see who just threw a 20-lb book at them.
‘at first my boyfriend was kind of emo but he matured into an indigoth.’
‘it’s considered terribly impolite to label yourself ‘indigoth’ without filling all the criteria.’
usually a hindu that has decided to become different by becoming goth.
the indi-goth was killed for wearing to much black.

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