a hot piece of -ss you would be lucky to be able to get chance to hit. not easy like hoes these days but knows shes hot. confident at certain times. has a metabolism of a dolphin could eat a ton but stays skinny. is hot and skinny but also a secret nerd but like who tf isn’t.
jeff: hey indira your so hot.
indira: thanks, i am aware.
so s-xy, beautiful, lovable, everything a friend + more caan be in my life
like water to live, air to breathe, the right to wrong, the best thing in life…
coolest girl you will ever meet. beautiful, smart, but can have a temperament. totally trust worthy with secrets and is super loyal, never talk about you behind your back and will stick up0 and defend you in an instant.
guy 1: wooow shes beautiful and cool!
guy 2: duh thats an indira
a beautiful b-tterfly!
look theres a gorgeous indira!
coming from the sanskrit word indira meaning beauty and splendor, this is the name of a hindu goddess. indira is another name for lakshmi.
i’m blessed by goddess indira.
a person who is respected, usually knows and is good at many things. he is very wise. “indiras” is usually someone who likes to have fun and is relaxed, not worried. also likes to travel and explore thing. a good adventurer and a funny man. not a hater. has swag and cl-ss !
person 1: wow, indiras is such a bad-ss.

person 2: yep, he is kingpin !

person 3: i wish if i could be like him.
the mad is a indira

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