inept cunt

a c-nt who is clueless. she is blind to her cluelessness.
lindsey is an inept c-nt

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  • Intacocated

    to be so wonderfully full off of tacos that your incapable of common actions such as walking straight . bob: “i got so intacocated at taco bell last night that i ended up sleeping in the parking lot because i was to full to drive home .”

  • IRL troll

    an action taken offline in the real world to ridicule, humiliate, or otherwise prank someone to cause extreme embarr-ssment or problems. 1) he thought it was funny to troll and threaten me online so i am going to his house tonight to perform an irl troll. 2) watch out that guy is an irl troll. […]

  • iycsan

    if you can’t say anything nice…then don’t say anything at all. used as a response to something embarr-ssing to humanity, which is best left alone and never spoken about again. “what do you think of my new retro 80’2 sweater with faux leather patches?” “iycsan”

  • jay cutlering

    (verb): the act of looking uninspired and lazy while doing a job that you are overpaid to do. “yeah, it’s not pretty but i am jay cutlering my way through it”.

  • Jaylen(Girl)

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