in a bit.
i’ll brb mate,

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  • infinite blondness

    same as “infinite wisdom”, except it applies to people with blond hair, most commonly women. in her infinite blondness, she decided to leave the keys inside and slam the door shut. hilarity ensued.

  • infumed

    to be smoked or dried from smoke to be angry or enraged to be high off smoking i infumed this dog with charcoal while i was infumed off weed…when i sobered up i was infumed cause i realized that it was in fact my dog. lol

  • infustion

    a powerfully dank, sour-smelling flatulence that one spreads throughout a populated sp-ce. a mix between the words “infusion” and “fust”. man, heather really cleared out the office with her post-burrito lunch infustion.

  • inhibitionless

    to be with out inhibitions or completely open minded after 3 gl-sses of wine i am now inhibitionless

  • inner purple

    any hidden traits or ambitions that show great flamboyance. “purple,” is used rather than, say, green or orange, because it is particularly flamboyant and favored mostly by women and h-m-s-xual men. one may imagine the “inner purple” as a shining, glittery ooze filling the thoracic cavity, and smelling of gayness. this substance emerges in those […]

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