a big word boys use to say to girls to make them look smart
i won’t let go of youbecause of how we are for each other so inevitably well.

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  • holy meat clench

    an holy meat clench is the act of using holy water to masturbating vigorously. did you hear, bobby did a holy meat clench right in the middle of m-ss!

  • the chob

    a kinda stupid dance move that looks like you’re choking. better than the dab, tho. she looks kinda stupid doing the chob, but it’s better than doing the dab i guess

  • malahi

    good vibe or good work that cute boy just called me hot – malahi

  • chaazlyn

    the most beautiful and wonderful girl you can meet! always there to help you smile and laugh! don’t get on her bad side though because she can squash you like a bug! a great listener and is always there for a good time! lili you’re so lucky to have a chaazlyn!

  • dirty monk

    a greaser who just can’t stop being a r-t-rd. that dude looks like a total dirty monk. allan: bro stop being such a dirty monk, you got crusties all over you, and you got j-zz on ur pants. dave: i just came here to walk. dave:

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