it’s like… umm.. sort of like a … hmm.. it’s… it’s a word that is used when you.. uhh… ok sorry, it’s hard to define.
inexplainable things:
“yeah, i’m just fine.” – what that means if coming from a women.
why a man would watch oprah willingly.
who -ss-ssinated…….
the meaning of life.

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  • inglammatory

    when a lady is looking so super glam that she is p-ss-ng off every other woman in the room. that time i wore those bad-ss gray booties, those sw-nk textured tights, that structured floral patterned dress, the minimal and all original gold jewelry, the vintage fur coat, and the vintage crocodile clutch; every woman i […]

  • inread

    1: rooted and ingrained in one’s mind as deeply as if implanted by another’s research and/or understanding of a topic 2: subjected to or produced by inreading not only is frank a follower, his mind is terribly inread. he ought to stop yoinking betty’s ideas and read up on the matter so he can start […]

  • in-saping

    to go off-line and on-line (using msn or the such) at a very fast pace to ask a question to all ppl online, usaly p-sses of ppl so much they kill them-selfs she was in-saping all f–king night!!!!!!

  • insectory

    to be ‘insect-like’ “with those huge gl-sses you look insectory!”

  • intelligent elephant

    is someone who places their gl-sses around their thighs, and in doing so places them above p-n-s. bored bespectacled male of the species

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