inf – short for a infrared beam

usually in slang terms if some one says that have a inf or inf beam they mean that have a infrared beam on their gun.
he put the red dot on his head…

50 cent – “what you know about ak’s and a-r 15’s equipped wit night visions,sh-ll cases,and inf beams”
short for infimum. in mathematics, the infimum of a set is the greatest element (not necessarily in the subset) that is less than or equal to all elements of the subset. also called greatest lower bound.
the infimum of the set of positive real numbers is 0, even though 0 is not positive. this is because 0 is the biggest number that is less than every positive number.
1. what happens when you shift your hands over one sp-ce from normal and attempt to type “omg”.

2. a plaintext encoded file that is often used to edit startup options in applications and games.
1. inf rgr;a qwainw

2. by editing the deus ex .inf you could disable cd checks.
see also infy and infi

a short slang term for infinity
omg, you have inf barns
adjective used to describe people who have inf peeps. also used to describe cars diagonally parked in two sp-ces, the act of getting a designated driver, or other bauss things. in any given situation, if someone does performs an act that is inf, they will cause minor inconvenience for others around them, but they significantly make their experience better.
“that’s so inf that you ditched your friends to have a better time with some different friends”

“he’s already driving there, so i figured it would be pretty inf he takes us as well”

“my peep is so inf”
used in ef (elite force) (a video game), it is short for infiltrator, and can also be said as infil
plural: infs, or infils.
d-mn those infils!
everyone gang up on the inf!
why did raven put them in this game?!?!?!
a dutch abbrevation for informatica; which is equal to the ict cl-sses on an average american high school
(dutch example)
> wat verwacht je te leren bij inf?
< geen idee, jij? > alles wat bij een w.a.m.p. (lamp) opstelling hoort.

(english translation)

> what do you think that the teachers will teach us in the ict cl-sses
< i don't know, you? > everything about a wamp install / lamp install and everything what comes along with it.

(wamp windows apache mysql php; lamp linux apache mysql php)

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