just two guys and a keyboard.
the scorpians of tomorrow.
i looked at your br–sts
let’s listen to some “infernicus”
“that was vernacular”
“really? i’d say, penceive”

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  • inferno reign

    a) the -ssiest guy ever to walk the face of the planet… b) a reign of chaos so sedistic and insane, that it has only happened once. usually lasts up to three years. otherwise known as wwii a) inferno reign watches “the weekenders”. ha! what a loser… b) the inferno reign in the 40’s was […]

  • insplode

    the act of exploding and imploding at the same time… it happens everywhere and everything is insploding dude did you see that bulding insplode… yeah so did that one 1 more definition an inspired explosion. the cat insploded. now don’t go insploding, son!

  • intraweb

    parody of internet. used on forums alot. recently changed to interweb. i am teh winnar! look teh intraweb!

  • invisible p**p

    when you p–p and there’s nothing to wipe up. the toilet papper comes out clean. hey, i just had an invisible p–p. cool. save the rainforest.

  • pootopia

    a state reached after having taken an amazing dump that sh-t after mcdonalds left me in a real state of pootopia, now our toilet is clogged though

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