slang word for s-x. intercourse. to sleep with.
hey you! infilerate me.

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  • Frankin

    the act of beating or smashing an inanimate object while belligerently drunk. bob went to a sporting event and drank too much. he lost his keys to his car, forgot half the night (even the final score of the game) and decided to pull a frankin to the coffee table. 1 more definition add your […]

  • Facebook Flop

    a female on facebook who appears hot in the photo, but in real life is a dissapointment. bro # 1: “dude look at this girl, she is gorgeous.” bro # 2: “nah bro, she is a facebook flop. she is in my biology lab and she is gross.”

  • Infadecated

    when your drunk.. your intoxicated when your high .. your faded when your drunk and high your infadecated doood you look infadecated like a m-f-

  • Fancy the pants off

    have a huge crush on, desire, love, obsess about. i fancy the pants off that guy who works in the book shop. he’s gorgeous.

  • Bad Ham

    a girl that has a flabby -ss and loose v-g-n-, but good for meaningless s-x. usually a girl you wake up next to and run away from as soon as possible. it is appropriate for your friend to yell “bad ham, bad ham…” when making a reference to your one night stand with her or […]

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