an inflateable s-x doll.
i’m hot! time to get out my inflate-a-mate and get it on!

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  • indonesia syndrome

    noun, colloquial academic term for having to explain to a relationship partner why you need / want to spend three months in the middle of nowhere for no reason that makes any sense to your non-academic relationship partner i feel like i got indonesia syndrome, trying to explain to my girlfriend that spending three months […]

  • inequalit*ties

    (n.) t-ts which are in some way disproportional or unequal man, that skirt is a perfect 10 aside from those inequalit-ties. i heard she has to buy twice as many bras and st-tch em together for a good fit.

  • infernal legion

    a nsbm-head, also the infamous frontman of the band spicult. he is infadorkitus! me infernal legion!!!! i’am like to drink water -l- nationales sozialistisches schwarzes metall ist haß und intoleranz kein ficken comprimises!!!!

  • held your mud

    a term used in prison that means you were not raped or coerced into -n-l s-x while doing time. you did hard time and still held your mud.

  • isat sprint

    coming out of isat at jmu and seeing your bus about to leave. panic begins the act of sprinting down the hill and across the road followed by walking casually to the bus. person 1: “hey there’s our bus!” person 2: “dude, time for the isat sprint!”

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