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info archive facilitates newsretrieval.

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  • inflection confusion

    when you mistakenly use the wrong inflection at the end of a sentence, resulting in confusion from both the listening and speaking parties guy 1: man that cheeseburger was tasty as h-ll?? guy 2: wtf did you just say dude guy 1: sorry man serious case of inflection confusion

  • info babe

    a particularly attractive female who delivers information via television, internet, or some other widespread form. often times a legitimate reporter degredated to the term info babe because of outside appearance and seemingly inside insipidness. used particularly by males as a derogatory means of slighting women reporters, correspondents, or newscasters. demeaning. “i can not believe i […]

  • infoterrorism

    using information technology as a terrorist weapon. e.g. releasing cl-ssified doc-ments on the internet on wikileaks. julian -ssange is committing acts of infoterrorism. i bet the cia or kgb makes him disapear soon.

  • infobating

    obsessively reading news feeds and blog updates just for the sake of knowing the latest information, most of which is generally useless. i have to take a break from the internet for a while, at this point i’m just infobating.

  • spence school

    all girls school founded in 1892 on the upper east side of manhattan. girls that get into the ivy league while looking hot. in one word: perfect. spence girls do it better (unofficial school motto)… spence girls know how to use hairbrushes (see w article)… an all girls private school in nyc where the girls […]

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