information sponge

someone who likes to learn.
do you like to learn? yes, i’m an information sponge

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  • gcnt

    originating in australia, this word is a shortened form of the words g-y c-nt. it’s pr-nounced the same way it’s spelt almost, with no vowels. ya g’cnt!

  • just dave

    when someone is just dave. im just dave.

  • horsehole

    a person who has no understanding of anything and will do something totally illogical to make them look half ‘cool’. person 1: look at jamie over there, he’s trying to eat nachos with glue on top of them! person 2: jamie is such a d-mn ‘horsehole’!

  • sludge knuckles

    sh-t residue, when you wipe but it’s too slippery and you slide your knuckles in your dirty b-tt crack leaving a smear upon the the knuckle. “bro i just tried to wipe my -ss, now i got sludge knuckles.”

  • emo life span

    about 18 years dave: i’ve never seen an emo pensioner, i wonder why? bob: that’s because they all hang themselve before the age of 18. that’s an average emo life span

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