information superhighway

laughably outdated term for the internet. mostly used during the 90s by yuppies who made their own awful-looking web pages.
“i just spent the afternoon cruising the information superhighway!” – toolbox in 1994
a cheesy, ebullient, woefully outdated term from the 90’s, which means “internet”. coined when all the people were m-ssively wowed by the sheer awesomeness of the intertubes. nowadays in disuse unless you use it for comedy.
“with my brand new computer and the internet, i have all the information i want within a single click of my mouse! if i want to find out how to look after a cat, i just have to type it in a search site, and wham! there it goes! how to buy a car? you can find it! today’s newspaper? you bet! information for my daughter’s chemistry paper? the internet has it! want to know about my son on student exchange in norway? no problem! i just write him an e-mail, click “send”, and my letter travels all the way through the atlantic and reaches him instantly and for free!”

you heard it: the internet is the future of computing! call now, and join the new information superhighway!
the internet (world wide web)
i researched the subject of my essay using the information superhighway.
what the internet used to be called in the pre-youtubeozoic era, around the early 90’s. it is now generally frowned upon to use this term when talking about the internet, unless you are looking for a quick way to clear a room.

“the world wide web” is another similar term although it is of a lesser offending description.
dave : man, i was cruising the information superhighway all day and i scored some sweet ace of base tickets!

joe : you mean the internet. right dave?

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