someone who gives out infractions on a forum
jesus is this years highest infractioner

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  • Ingra

    a girl with a bull headish att-tude towards life. the perfect blend of a woman. she is beautiful, intelligent, voluptuous, seductive, kind, sensitive, nurturing, and attentive woman but also stubborn, tattoo loving, soul crusher. the gentleman that wins her over has captured the holy grail and every man that crosses her shall wish for a […]

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    the initial boning period or ibp refers to the (typically) one to two months at the start of a relationship where the protagonist is able to overlook physical or mental imperfections of his/her partner simply because they are having s-xual relations with them. once the ibp has past, the relationship will either fail or one […]

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    another name for a tattoo artist a: “so what you do for a living?” b: “im an ink slinger”

  • Innuendo Bingo

    1.when something is said that could be taken in a s-xual or inappropriate way (innuendo), one shouts “innuendo bingo” to point it out to all the slow people. – can also be used in a way that the first wins 2. it is a feature on scott mills’ radio 1 show (or sirrius xm) in […]

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