the ingo, like a gazelle, easily gallops around ingo’s questions. his skills even take him on a voyage to las vegas as a revit champion.
please note, not everyone can be a revit champion and the king of bongo, it’s a privilege.
the ingo is german, and a very good chef – he shares his dishes with everyone – , sometimes he is grunchy, but that’s the reason we love him.
the ingo, if he was rich, would have the most energy efficient house, he is green at heart !!!
the ingo is athletic, he chops wood for his fireplace, goes on long walks with holly, skis with his friends but doesn’t dance because it’s all kind of gymnastics.
look at that, that guy such an ingo !!!!
the vernacular used by ian burke while texting, posting on facebook, or even talking in person. barely translatable to the english language.

ian + lingo = ingo
ingo is so far from proper english, they might start teaching it at portage high school as a second language.

real sentence: h-llo, how are you today?
translated to ingo: uh, who ear youth at?
what you say when you aren’t quite sure what your buddy’s name is.
jake: wazzup, ingo?

david: nothing much, you?

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