money and personal property that a hard-working person acc-mulates during his lifetime that p-ssant children thinks is their due upon his death.

below are categories of heir behavior in regard to future inheritances:

1. grave watchers: children who know they will inherit and are just waiting around for the person to die to claim the inheritance.

2. ingratiating little b-st-rds: children who kiss the person’s -ss repeatedly in the hope he will leave his worldly belongings to them.

3. presumptive brats: children who -ssume they will inherit and who foolishly spend money they don’t have today, only to find out later they didn’t inherit and are now up to their eyeb-lls in debt.
inheritances are a gift, not a birthright.
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receiving a (generally large) amount of property, wealth, money, etc, from a deceased relative or close one, after being “mentioned” in their “will”. in extreme cases, such as very large inheritances, typical results include marriage break-up (spouse hates partner for being so rich), personality collapse (what the heck do i do now i don’t have to work for a living??), idleness, egomania, etc. many heirs or heiresses experience guilt and self-loathing in proportion to the size of the inheritance received. inheritance planning is supposed to alleviate this by only giving heirs money if they achieve in life, a gameplan that rarely works. heirs within families usually fight over minor differences in sizes of inheritances recieved. there is a strong tendancy for young people in particular to be very adversely affected by large inheritances, contrary to the misconceptions of a wonderful life generated by popular envy feelings, these people are usually isolated, guilt-ridden and unsatisfied.
sarah received her inheritance at 21, and after that, despite her yacht, mansion and trustfund, felt purposeless and ashamed.

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