in rastafari, word, sound, power is divine.

so, ‘in a way’, there is no ‘i’, no ego, just ‘we’.

one heart. one love. one blood.
a metaphysical cousin to namaste.
i’n’i is here, one love, one heart;
this is how ‘we’ always should be,
no higher division of you and me,
just ‘we’ = i’n’i .
african. nigerian name for “time”

the meaning of the name ini is “time”.

the origin of the name ini is nigerian.
what’s your name? ini? like ini-meanie-miney-moe?

– independent newborn instrument

– hip hop brand from bergen, norway

– worn by rappers like snoop dogg, devin the dude,bunb, redman, pimp c and kurupt
“snoop dogg wore i.n.i yesterday !”

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