stop f-ck-ng with my nick goddammit >_<~~~ /me jacks off on the world first and foremost; on top of the list, an original kind of guy, smooth and easy. no 1 guy... easy to trust, who is honest, easy going and everything a gal wants... he's a real initiale

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  • instance-bate

    in world of warcraft, running through an enemy-free instance from beginning to end while masturbating and reaching an -rg-sm before getting to the end taunter: how long did it take to get through wailing caverns? orc: longer than an instance-bate

  • instant high

    while smoking, drinking or doing some other type of drug, the moment you take it in, your already high. it’s a rarity due to the tolerance most people have to almost everything nowadays but when it happens, it should be thoroughly enjoyed. v: so anyway, we were talking and he s… b: whoa! instant high!

  • intenet

    being into net, though not interrelated the office uses intenet rather than intranet as close communications media for staff relations.

  • internetbiker

    a guy or a kid who spend more time watching bmx movies on the internet and disturbing bmx forums instead of go riding and learn some kick-ss tricks and built some style. kid1: bmx is my life, i can’t live without it!! kid2: dude, you say you ride 2 years, you can’t even do a […]

  • internet douchebag

    socialist auburn troll whiny -ssh-l- on a message board who changes his arguments when pinned down and is a major hypocrite. “ignore that guy, he’s just an internet douchebag!”

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