Innocent smoothie

whilst indulging in -n-l s-x with a partner who has diarrhea, you secretly -j-c-l-t- into their -n-s without telling them. the resulting mix of s-m-n and faeces juice produced when they next defecate is known as an innocent smoothie.
“dood, i nailed her in the b-tt and she sprayed an innocent smoothie all over the sheets!”

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  • in-pop

    (n.)- a brief recollection of a thought you had earlier. usually brought to mind by boredom,stream of conciousness thinking, or marijuana. thoughts of ellie have been popping in and out of my head recently. i figured i’d send her a text on an in-pop.

  • iurno

    what you say what you really don’t know. “what time are you supposed to pick pepe up at the airport?” “iurno.”

  • ixyl

    the act of engaging in philosophical discussion in a jocular and ill-informed but still purposeful fashion. “no, you’re just trying to ixyl me. descartes didn’t recognise logic as an -ssumption and thus the cogito is flawed.”

  • intersession

    a designated break for the consumption of ganja between the beginning and end of a movie or television program. we paused for an extreme intersession when we were watching “strange brew” a break dividing the first and second semesters of an inst-tute/university/etc. intersession for my school lasts one week after the winter break.

  • intrenet

    a fancy way of saying the s-xual term, “foreplay”. why don’t you ever intrenet with me before we do it?

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