the word inory it self is a simple anagram on irony.

inory is the complete opposite of being sarcastic and/or ironic. this word may come in handy for persons that use sarcasm and irony a little bit too often, but that wants to be straightforward, non-ironic, and frank once in a while.

inory is an oral and verbal marker used in situations where people misinterpret your honest intention of being nice/direct/straight/frank, and misunderstands it as you being sarcastic or ironic.
it is used to tidy up messy situations where sarcasm (and irony) ain’t that appropriate – but where, you somehow, have managed step right into the bear trap of being seen as some kind of insensitive -ssh-l- that blatantly flaunts his/her evil wits whenever he get the chance.

in other words: inory is when you say exactly what you mean, without trying to be smart, witty, hilarious, or bitter.
x: look at my new shirt. i bought it yesterday, isn’t it nice?
y: yeeaah… -hrm- …rrreally nice…
x: what? what’s wrong with it!?! i think it is cute.
y: …oh, nothing. i mean, what could possibly be wrong about a -hrm- _shirt_ like that? …really nice shirt; i wished i had one exactly like that, that’s how much i like your shirt. i mean: oh goody! what a shirt!
x: you’re mean! why do you have to be mean and sarcastic all the time?
y: hey hey, easy now! i wasn’t mean, ironic, or sarcastic at all. pumpkin, i was just inoric. i really mean it when i say that i like your new shirt.
x: oh? hahaha! oh so you do like the shirt!
y: of course -hrrm- i do. how could anybody not like that shirt…
x: uh? what did you mean by that? i thought you j-…
y: inory baby, inory.

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