arabic for “too f-cking bad”
– i dont understand you!

– insa
insa, which stands for “inst-tut national de sciences appliquées” (national inst-tue of applied science)is a famous french network of school of engineering made of 5 main schools (insa rouen, insa toulouse, insa lyon, insa strasbourg & insa rennes).

tough job to stay there for more than 2 years, these schools are often featuring teachers and lecturers who are among the greatest french lecturer.

lotta b-tches, alcohol, and english curses. naah that’s a joke, there are no b-tches at insa !
yeepee ! i’ll be at insa rouen next year
1. blonde
2. huge amount of humour
3. crazy little thing

4. beautiful
5. party god
no example needed for insa
the art of being gay as f-ck. see gay.
e.g. that construction worker from village people is soooo insa

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