a filler word. used to stump your listeners and make a complete -ss out of them if they don’t question what it means. it has no actual meaning. it does, however, have pourpose.
i found that movie completely insanarious.

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  • insalted

    the offended state when, before tasting it, someone adds salt to the food you cooked them. i was so insalted when i slaved away all day cooking for my boyfriend, and he added salt to the dish before even tasting it!

  • deep fried meatball

    the process of urinating in an individuals mouth, and without he or she swallowing or spitting, giving the individual a good ole fashioned tea-bag. have you ever tried a deep fried meatball? it’s amazing! $80 for a deep fried meatball.

  • deep-seated

    the correct expression for “firmly established” or “deeply ingrained.” this is often misheard and misspoken as “deep-seeded” by people who slur their words and pr-nounce a letter “t” as a “d.” marcus has a deep-seated hatred for people who use poor grammar. cool-cool-awesome that was deep-seated! extremely hip or cool. awesomeness naomi lee is so […]

  • dinrod

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  • dirty flop

    the act of covering the bottom of your scr-t-m with nasty things like old moldy cheese and slamming it on a lady’s face. guy 1: what happened with you and sam last night? guy 2: she was being a b-tch so i dirty flopped her in the eye.

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