something that is f-cking insane
holy sh-t this traffic is insanif-ckity!

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  • probatentiability

    the potential that something is probable. is it going to rain today? there is a high probatentiability that it will.

  • wandering d*ck syndrome

    being in the medical field i see many different “syndromes.” sadly many patients contract several s-xually transmitted diseases, and p-ss them on to their significant others due to this wds. being unable to keep it in their pants, for whatever reason and constantly seeking s-x with other partners due to lack of s-xual commitment or […]

  • krishnite

    student of sree krishna college in guruvayur hey, she is a krishnite

  • jamie lynne lamay

    the worlds greatest and most beautiful woman who is in love with james oulch. she captured his heart and soul and is the most amazing thing in his life, she is perfect. omg jamie-lynne-lamay!

  • spoilerable

    when a book, movie or whatever could easily be ruined by spoilers then it is very spoilerable. do not read anything about that korean movie “oldboy”. it is very spoilerable.

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