inseminate is when a guy is f-ck-ng a girl in the v-g-n- and then you hear: “omg! omg! omg! omg! -explode-”

which means that the guy has blasted out all of his sperm into the girl’s v-g-n- over the course of about 30 seconds where the girl feels his hard d-ck pulsating rhythmically as his p-n-s floods her v-g-n- with each wave of s-m-n that he’s blowing out.
girl to hot guy: “i want you to f-ck me hard! i don’t want you to wear a condom and be all gentle the whole time like a prissy little b-tch – i want you to f-ck me like a man! inseminate me! – i want every last drop of your sperm deep inside of me!”

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