insert any word here…

used in extremely awkward situation when you need anything to change the subject.
julia’s boyfriend: “have you kissed julia yet?”
julia’s crush: “insert any word here…”

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  • intermediate

    1. intermediate is the coming together of two things 2. intermediate relationship. usually s-xual. 1. “intermediate stage of development” 2. “my boyfriend and i are so intermediate, i took off his pants last night”.

  • interred

    buried body caught on fire then having the bones liquefied to drink that interred body was nasty

  • jawot

    jawot (abbrev.) “just another waste of time” currently a young, amazingly fertile website at this is going to be huge one day, and i called it. i was high but feeling bored, so i wasted a few hours on jawot.

  • jerry romano

    a giant douche bag who causes douche quakes everywhere he goes, walking high and mighty because he can like 4 pounds on the squat rack. jerry romano is such an -sshole.

  • johnson drips

    when a man pulls up his pants shortly after p-ss-ng and a bit of urine comes out. jenkins was in such a hurry he pulled up his pants as soon as he was done taking a leak; johnson drips ensued.

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