can be replaced by shove, push, hump, f-ck, or pound…
i c-m as soon as i insert my p-n-s.
i will insert my fist in your face.
insert that big f-cking d-ck in my p-ssy.
i had her screaming my name everytime i went to insert my d-ck.
a sign stuck on the rear of a prost-tute.
insert here. 3==d
when slightly tipsy and attempting to convince osemone that everyoen wants to have s-x with her, this is the perfect term. by yelling “insert” over and over, she will finally believe that guys want her. d-mn taht b-tch.
person 1: god guys, no one likes me.
person 1: god guys, no one likes me.
person 2 looks at person 3
both recite: insert! insert insert in the —-!!
person 1: fine fine fine. so they all want me. let’s go get some more vodka.

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