a made up word created by kim jay the legend
*insertd spongebob meme*

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  • squrrily

    meaning crazy , drunk or weird definition 1 – hey terry ,did u see john last night ,he went all squrrily on jim last night . definition 2- wow me and the guys got squrrily drunk last night. definition 3 – every time i look outside the neighbors doing something squrrily

  • rapedane

    when a great dane is so h-rny that he rapes you then and there. due to the weight and strength of the great dane submission is the only option “im all wet and my -ss hurts. what happend? i just got rapedaned!!”

  • scrugglin

    the ghetto uneducated version of struggling. i am scrugglin daily.

  • dofensmirtch

    someone who is evil and a bad influence. he always fails on everything he does and says. you would never want him for a friend or boyfriend.he also copies people. person1: who’s that weird guy. person2:i don’t know he’s mean and seems up to no good. person1 oh that’s right it’s dofensmirtch!

  • underwear fetish

    when a male doesnt take their underwear off to jerk off because they like feeling something rub against their d-ck, a pantie fetish is the same but for women. i have a underwear fetish

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