someone with a stalker fetish/ enjoys being stalked
wow. katie is a insibitionary??

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  • reeshaun

    a fine and good looking girl that has one boy and is loyal to him cares about every body quick to beat and curse some one out thats reeshaun

  • smokey oaks

    a colloquial term used to clarify that something is ‘okay’. smokey oaks, trooper. okay, young man

  • diontay

    diontay is a very nice person,in some case if he likes you he will try his hardest to talk to you,he usually is a good kisser has a big d-ck knows how to handle s-xand also is a big freak he a monster in the bed omg diontay is so good at what he does

  • thaumaturgist

    a person who practices the art of thaumaturgy the working of wonders or miracles; magic. aka valerie leuchtmann valerie leuchtmann is a moon thaumaturgist.

  • snuckable

    someone so cute and s-xy at the same time… you can’t decide whether you want to f-ck or snuggle them. bae is sooo snuckable. i get conflicted when i can’t decide what to do first… *_*

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